31 January 2016|Print Print Print (KRACK!)

We are successfully done with our island hopping trip around the Philippines, and we are back in Manila again! Now we kick off our new journey in Indonesia!!

Here we go!

Although we left Cebu early in the morning, it was already night time when we got to Manila.
A super-duper delayed flight and crazy heavy traffic in Manila made my trip around 10 hours. I was getting so used to island-life that I forgot what the traffic was like in Manila.

But Mark, Mayumi, Gerome, and Yoji were waiting for me all day long! Thank you guys so much for everything in Philippines. I could never have experienced all that I have here without you and I cannot thank you guys enough. Thank you so so much. I will never forget what you guys have done for me. Let’s keep in touch!

Here is a picture of our buddies.

Farewell to the Philippines, and now I am stepping forward to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Every single person who has been there has told me “Jogja is insane”, and I finally I am stepping into the insane land. Transferring at Singapore, I get there a little after 9pm. I am gonna stay in a place called KUNCI Cultural Studies Center for two weeks. First thing first, dinner! Surprised having dinner that late at night? It seems like it’s normal thing to have dinner around this time.
Everyone calls this place a “restaurant”, but it is pretty much just “being on the road”. Having dinner at the “restaurant” sitting next to the car and motor bikes passing by. Welcome to Jogja. This is our style, y’all.

This is Antariksa, who is one of the founders of KUNCI.

And this is Dina.She is young but such a wonderful curator.

Delicious dinner with awesome people.

Oh well, I’ve filled my stomach up, now it’s time to take a rest….
Just kidding. This is just the beginning in Jogja!
We headed to the artist collective called ACE HOUSE which was nearby where we were at. It seems like they are having an opening session for the residence artist from Taiwan tonight. We get there by scooter.


Even though it’s after 11pm, the space is filled with loud music and young artists! This is the moment I felt Jogja power in real life. Oh, I find someone who looks familiar …

It’s Wok The Rock!!!!!

Wok The Rock, aka WoWo, is an artist who has his base in KUNCI, and he has stayed in Koganecho, Yokohama. He did such an amazing job as a curator at the Jogja Biennale last year. He is one of the key persons in this city. It is great seeing you!

This is how we started our journey in Jogja, and after that night, it’s time to go around the art space in Jogja!

First stop is a place called KRACK!

PRIHATMOKO MOKI, who is an artist and the founder of this space, gives us a talk.
This place has been run by 3 artists include MOKI and one staff since May, 2013.
It is specialized in woodcut printing, and they have gallery on the first floor, and studio/atelier on the second floor.

The gallery is filled with art works.

This is the studio/atelier on the second floor.

KRACK! holds around three exhibitions a year by its artist members, and is also passionate about holding exhibitions for other young print makers. They also hold talk shows and symposiums beside exhibitions. They don’t work just for artists, but are also holding workshops teaching about silkscreen printing etc. to local people in the town as well. Since one of the artists there is from Australia, they sell some art works in Australia too. What is awesome about this place is that they are able to cover their running costs from selling their art works. And also, MOKI is such a nice guy!

This is MOKI, such a sweet guy. Still young but already married.

If you are interested in print art in Jogja, you’d better check them out.

  • KRACK!

    jl. D.I. Pandjaitan, RT : 42 / RW : 12, 55141 Mantrijeron, Minggiran, Jogjakarta
    Established year : 2013
    Facility and Activity: Gallery, Shop, Workshop, Residence